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PostHeaderIcon I miss Nelson!


I miss my cousin Nelson. He lives in Budapest with Kerstin for the moment so we don´t get to see each other as often as we like to. I remember when I first saw him. The sun was shining and my mom and I was outside playing in the grass. But on the other hand when I think about it, it must have been cold because I was shuddering and then I spotted Eva, Kerstin and Nelson behind some trees. I was so excited to meet Nelson. You might think I was extremely shy to meet a big dog like Nelson, but that´s not the case. I was only hiding behind my mom the first ten minutes or so.
Nelson must have been in a bad mood because he was very quiet and didn´t seem to notice me. To cheer him up I had to do something. So why not bite his tail?  Who doesn´t like a harmless prank? Nelson obviously. I asked him if something was wrong but he didn´t seem to hear. I think he must be deaf, poor Nelson.

PostHeaderIcon Happy birthday K!



I often spend my afternoons at Tove´s house because my mom goes to the gym that time.
She has a dreadful grey rug in my playroom (she calls it a living room). Grey is a dreadful color. It doesn´t match my fur. For that reason she should buy a new rug. But she doesn´t seem to understand that yet and that is why I´ve started to pee on the rug so she will get the message. But she just brings me outside and puts me on the cold grass which I don´t understand. I´ve also tried to tear the rug apart but it doesn´t seem to work. I need a new plan.

PostHeaderIcon Candyman

Putte is extremely nice! He plays with me all the time. The best thing is that he gives me a lot of candy even when he´s not supposed to. I´m only allowed to have treats if I manage to do a trick or if I have done something really good because mom doesn´t want me to become a fat dog which I won´t be since it doesn´t run in my family.


PostHeaderIcon Kerstins birthday coming up!

 My aunt Kerstin´s 25th birthday is coming up soon. October 19th if I remember correctly. Four days later it´s Gunnel ´s birthday. And Sanaz´s birthday was 14th October. This means a lot of celebration this month. And a lot, and I mean a lot of attention. Too bad for Kerstin, Gunnel and Sanaz,  I wasn´t talking about them. As you know people seem to love me. I can´t help it. People always say how adorable and charming I am so I feel so sorry for the birthday kids that they won´t be in the centre of attention at their parties. To make up for that mom made her own congratulations card to Gunnel and Sanaz. She is very creative. Here´s one card mom made.DSC01606 Mom was on her way to make my aunt Kerstin a card as well, but she saw a really cute card at Konsum. Or was it Ica? Well anyway she told me to ask you Kerstin if you wanted the purple card with cows or the green one with yellow dots. You have until Friday afternoon to make a decision.

PostHeaderIcon My first post!


The life as a Swedish dog is not always that easy as you might think. In my neighborhood some dogs have to get up way too early for a walk in the chilly autumn mornings just because their mom and dad are in a hurry to get to work. Let me tell you that a dog needs her beauty sleep. You never know when you will run into prince charming. You have to look your best at all times. But that is non of my concerns. I always look good. It´s in my genes.