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PostHeaderIcon Rhymes

I´ve been busy working on some Christmas Rhymes to my family. It´s going pretty good. You can read them 10th December. If you don´t see the rhymes it´s only because my secretary must have forgotten to remind me. Don´t blame me, blame the dog as they say.

PostHeaderIcon Stay in shape

As you hopefully know it´s very important to stay in shape. Some dogs have to work harder then others.  I have some great work out tips for you.
I strongly recommend chasing a big dogs tail or a cat. Be prepared for hissings and attacks from the cat. They can be very tricky. Trust me, I know. I suggest that you practise to run zick zack before you try this so you can prepare for a quick escape. Look after places to hide before the chasing.
My absolute favorite advice is to play tag. I mostly play it with mom or Putte. Mom often chases me but I´m much faster then her so she never catches me if I don´t want her to.
 Don´t forget to drink some water and eat something tasty after your work out. You should try theese dog biskets. They´re delicious!!! Made them myself. (Yeah right if you feel for that one). Mom bought them from Bromma zoomarknad.

PostHeaderIcon November is here

To get that autumn feeling indoors we took a walk to the florist to buy some flowers.  On our way to the florist an old lady told me that I was the cutest thing she´s ever seen. Hello I´m a dog! In case you didn´t notice. Well anyway, don´t you just love when people say such positive things to you. She made my day. I gave her a lot of kisses. I don´t have a photo of the nice lady, but I have 2 pictures of the flowers mom bought.
DSC01716 DSC01717
 The day is not over yet. I´m on my way to Gunnel´s house now. She has a cat named Michelle and I love chasing her. Not so sure if she appreciates that. Michelle here I come! =)