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Nelson is finally on his way to Sweden. We´re on our way to meet him right now and I can´t wait! Like I said before Nelson has some problem with his hearing. I´ve solved that problem now. It´s called a hearing aid. Remember where you heard it first. It will give him the opportunity to hear.  I will give it to him when we get to the airport and he will be so happy and he has no idea.


This is me making a snowman.
snögubbe 1

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happy lucia

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Dear Santa! I´ve been very very nice this year (in case you didn´t notice). My wishlist this year will be my very first one. I do not want any more clothes! I repeat, no clothes what so ever. But I know for a fact that mom wants a lot of clothes. Like if she didn´t have enough already. I don´t want more snow. It´s way to cold already. I want candy and lots of it. I can´t wait till Christmas.