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PostHeaderIcon Beauty Time!

Mom and Eva got their hair done today in downtown at this new place called byBarda. The interior design was beautiful. I stayed in my little house while they got their haircuts. I loved the staff. They were so kind to me. Especially Marianne and Andreas (see picture). Mom and Eva were very satisfied with their new hairstyles. And then we bought some candy.

PostHeaderIcon Sad day

It´s a sad day today because Kerstin is leaving for Budapest. I will miss you!!!                                                                

PostHeaderIcon Teeth

Don´t forget to brush your teeth =) 

PostHeaderIcon Fans

I just wanna say hi to all my almost 1 million gorgeous fans this morning. Love you guys!

PostHeaderIcon Family reunion

Nelson´s sister Pudd is here for a short visit. We played a lot. Maybe not with each other but there are a lot of toys at Eva´s house. And when I got home I had to take a bath. Look at the pictures to see what I think about that!



PostHeaderIcon Food

We have just became customers at Lina´s food delivery bag. It will turn up as a surprise every other week. It´s a dietician who chooses the food we receive. I already tried some at Eva´s house and it´s really tasty and healthy. I wonder if there is any dessert in that bag. But there better not be any onion or grapes in that bag because I´m allergic to that.


Where are you???
not here….


oh…there you are!



PostHeaderIcon New dress!

i blogg


Dinner at Gunnel´s place tonight and that will be a good opportunity to play with Michelle. It will be a good work out for little me. You should try it as well so you can loose the weight you probably gained at Christmas. Unless you want to end up like this dog. I think he had a little bit too many snacks at Christmas.

PostHeaderIcon Tierp

Earlier today we had to drop off Satbir at the airport because he was going home to Seattle. Unfortunately, Nelson wasn´t allowed inside but we couldn´t be parked outside without paying, just because there was a lot of traffic wardens giving out parking fines. So Putte was driving around in circles around the airport. I think he got a little bit dizzy cuz he wasn´t so happy when mom and Kerstin got back to the car.
After that we went to uncle Nalle and Eva´s house in Tierp. I finally got to meet my friends Bosse and Anders.
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