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Guess who this cutie is…

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La la la, to bad you can´t enjoy my singing but if you look close enough you can spot me behind Nelson posing with his stick.

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I got a present from Putte yesterday. My very own bed. Not that I´m gonna sleep in it at night becuase I sleep in mom´s bed but I can rest in it whenever I feel like it. It tastes really good. I just love getting presents. I got it becasue we visited the vet. I didn´t bite her. I missed.

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This is Nova and Bosse, my two dog friends at work. Nova is huge but extremely nice. She loves candy and she plays a lot with her toys and when someone comes through the front door she is the first one to say hello. Bosse is the same size as me just a little bit bigger. He loves meatballs. Bosse and I often hide under the table where no one can reach us.

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Mom and I´m are moving to our own apartment so I´ve been busy looking for places to hide and I found this big wardrobe with 2 doors in the bedroom where I can hide. I love it. Maybe I´ll make it my bedroom. I might invited Nelson over to check  it out but he just fell a sleep on Kerstin´s jacket. I have to go now, have some packing to do.