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                                                            My new sister Brumma. I think she needs longer front legs.                       

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If you are looking to find the best cheesecake in town you should definitely go to Albert´s.
My favourite is blueberry. I promise that you won´t gain any weight from the cheesecake. Well at least I didn´t. My current weigt is 1,8 kg.

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They call me skrållan the Swedish dog princess.


I cant´t decide which picture I prefer. What do you think?

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Three days ago I went to meet some new friends. It was so fun.We were playing and running a lot.  I hope Eva will bring me next Sunday.
There was just one thing that bugged me. A dog peed on my moms handbag and the owner didn´t even offer to dry clean it. How rude!


I really want a little sister or brother I can play with and to tease of course.  Since I´m the boss in my family I will choose the name. I will also decide how my sister/brother will look like. I´ve decided that he or she  will look like this..

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Whatever I might find interesting I put in the little house. It can be anything from Nelson´s toys to toilet roles, tooth brushes and food. Oh I forgot dust. I collect dust. But there´s always someone telling me: no, no, no. Who are they to tell me what to chew or not chew on.

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Guess who this cutie is…

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